Press Room: Wanted by the FBI

Wanted by the FBI

Two Kidnappers Hunted, 05/29/09
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Mr. Schiff: Hi. This is Wanted by the FBI, from the FBI. Two men wanted for a May 3rd kidnapping in California.

Mr. Roberts: “Liberato Cardenas-Vega, he’s 30-years-old; and Israel Ledesma Moreno, he’s 27-years-old.”

Mr. Schiff: That’s Special Agent Don Roberts at the FBI’s Los Angeles Office. He says these two allegedly broke into a San Bernardino home and kidnapped a young boy.

Mr. Roberts: “At the conclusion of the home-invasion robbery, they grabbed little 3-year-old Briant Rodriguez, took him from the home saying they were going to take him to Mexico and kill him.”

Mr. Schiff: Roberts says it’s not known why this happened.

Mr. Roberts: “We really don’t know what their intent was upon entering and we don’t know whether they knew who exactly was in the house when they broke in.”

Mr. Schiff: Roberts says good police work eventually led to these two subjects.

Mr. Roberts: “Some physical evidence left behind at the home led to the identification.”

Mr. Schiff: You can help find these guys. Wanted flyers are up at That’s Wanted by the FBI for this week. I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau’s Office of Public Affairs.

Israel Ledesma Moreno Wanted Poster | Liberato Cardenas-Vega Wanted Poster

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