Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted (LEOKA) (OMB Form No.1110-0006)—Officers Killed

By Felonious Act

Search the database for records with the following data elements and all specified data values:


Data Element 1 (ORI Number)—all incidents with the same ORI number except when Data Element 25C (Other Jurisdiction, Officer) is reported so that all victim officers will be counted by their employing agencies only.

Data Element 3 (Incident Date/Hour)—month and year of each incident report for identical ORIs.  Use the month and year of the incident date or, when the incident date is unknown, the report date (entry of a date with an indicator of R) to tally the number of law enforcement officers killed.

Data Element 24 (Victim Connected to UCR Offense Code[s])—offense code 09A.

Data Element 25 (Type of Victim)—entry L = Law enforcement officer.

Data Element 23 (Victim [Sequence] Number)—if more than one Victim Segment is provided within an incident, count each (L) victim, entry of 002-999.


By Accident or Negligence

Not available in NIBRS.