U.S. Department
of the Treasury (DOT)

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In 2005, 3 officers from the DOT were assaulted, but none were injured.

  • Internal Revenue Service:
    • 2 of its officers were assaulted.
  • Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration:
    • 1 of its officers was assaulted.

Type of Activity

Officers within the DOT were performing the following activities at the time of their attacks:

  • 2 of the assaulted DOT officers were involved in investigations or searches.
  • 1 officer was performing in an unspecified capacity.


All of the assaults on DOT officers involved threats of physical violence.

Disposition Information

In terms of disposition information on the assailants of DOT officers, law enforcement arrested 2 suspects.

  • 1 suspect had the prosecution declined.
  • 1 suspect was awaiting a prosecutorial opinion.

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