U.S. Department
of the Interior (DOI)

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In 2005, 528 officers from the DOI were assaulted, and 109 of these officers were injured. The following provides breakdowns by agency within the DOI:

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs:
    • 396 officers were assaulted, and 75 of these officers were injured.
  • National Park Service:
    • 130 of its officers were assaulted, and 34 of these officers were injured.
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service:
    • 2 officers were attacked, but neither officer was injured.

Type of Activity

Officers from the DOI were performing the following activities at the time of their attacks:

  • 200 officers were maintaining the custody of prisoners.
  • 197 officers were attempting arrests or attempting to serve summonses.
  • 51 officers were on protection duty.
  • 42 were involved with investigations or searches.
  • 33 were on patrol or guard duty.
  • 1 officer was performing office duties.
  • 4 officers were performing other types of law enforcement roles.


  • 259 of the 528 DOI officers were attacked with personal weapons, such as hands, fists, or feet.
  • 28 DOI officers were attacked with vehicles.
  • 5 officers were attacked with firearms.
  • 5 officers were attacked with knives or other cutting instruments.
  • 5 officers were attacked with blunt objects.
  • 14 officers were attacked with other types of dangerous weapons.
  • 212 DOI officers were threatened with violence. (See Table 75.)

Disposition Information

Law enforcement identified 516 suspects in connection with the attacks on the 528 DOI officers. Of the assailants for which disposition data were available:

  • 146 offenders were found guilty, and 215 were awaiting trial.
  • 64 suspects were determined as being incompetent to stand trial.
  • 33 were found not guilty or had their charges dismissed.
  • In cases against 29 offenders, prosecutors declined to bring charges, and 20 offenders were awaiting prosecutorial opinion.
  • 8 assailants remain at large, and 1 assailant is deceased.

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