FBI UCR Program Contacts
Reporting Programs

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Program Office

Program administration; management; policy; processing of UCR Program data; reporting problems; requests for reporting forms; data quality
Telephone:  (304) 625-4830
Facsimile:  (304) 625-3455
E-mail:  ucrstat@leo.gov

Information Dissemination

  • Data (published and unpublished) on printouts and electronic media, as well as back editions of annual publications on compact disc
  • Publications (e.g., special studies) and training materials
  • UCR information and Web help
  • E-mail: cjis_comm@leo.gov
  • E-mail: cksupply@leo.gov
  • Telephone: (304) 625-4995
    Facsimile: (304) 625-5394
    E-mail: cjis_comm@leo.gov

National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)

Information for law enforcement agencies regarding the NIBRS certification process and data submission specifications
Telephone: (304) 625-2998
Facsimile: (304) 625-5599
E-mail: gregory.swanson@leo.gov

Quality Assurance

Assistance for law enforcement agencies in assessing the integrity of their data and complying with program requirements
Telephone: (304) 625-2941
Facsimile: (304) 625-3457
E-mail: acjis@leo.gov

Training/Education for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement requests for training, information on police reporting systems, and technical assistance with classifying and scoring
1 (888) UCR-NIBR

Send correspondence to:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Criminal Justice Information Services Division
Attention: Uniform Crime Reports
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306-0159

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