Visual of the words "Crime Clock 2004" with row of small clocks

Every 23.1 seconds: One Violent Crime

Every 32.6 minutes: One Murder
Every 5.6 minutes: One Forcible Rape
Every 1.3 minutes: One Robbery
Every 36.9 seconds: One Aggravated Assault

Every 3.1 seconds: One Property Crime

Every 14.7 seconds: One Burglary
Every 4.5 seconds: One Larceny-theft
Every 25.5 seconds: One Motor Vehicle Theft

The Crime Clock should be viewed with care. The most aggregate representation of UCR data, it conveys
the annual reported crime experience by showing a relative frequency of occurrence of Part I offenses.
It should not be taken to imply a regularity in the commission of crime. The Crime Clock represents the
annual ratio of crime to fi xed time intervals.