Appendix I—Methodology furnishes information on the data requirements for each table and provides information regarding reporting procedures, editing procedures, and procedure for estimating population and offenses.
Appendix II—Offenses in Uniform Crime Reporting lists the definitions of Part I and Part II offenses used by the UCR Program.
Appendix III—Uniform Crime Reporting Area Definitions provides the definitions of reporting areas used by the UCR Program. This appendix defines community types, population groups, and regions and divisions in the Program.
Appendix IV—The Nation's Two Crime Measures details the differences and similarities between the UCR Program's two statistical programs: and the Bureau of Justice Statistics' National Crime Victimization Survey.
Appendix V—Directory of State Uniform Crime Reporting Programs contains the addresses, telephone numbers, and in some cases, the Internet addresses, of the state UCR Programs and U.S. Territories that contribute data to the national Program.
Appendix VI—National Uniform Crime Reporting Directory lists telephone numbers, facsimile numbers, and e-mail addresses so that readers may contact personnel from the various facets within the national UCR Program.
Appendix VII—Uniform Crime Reporting Publications List presents a listing of UCR Program related documents, includes the type of document, and specifies those documents that are only available electronically.