Expanded Homicide Data Figure

In this figure, bar graphs and a pie chart visually represent the relationships of murder victims to their offenders.  The statistics are based on the supplementary homicide data that law enforcement agencies submitted to the FBI for 13,636 murder victims who were slain in 2009. Pie chart: Of the homicides that occurred in 2009 for which supplementary homicide data were received, the relationships of the murder victims to their offenders were as follows:  1,855 victims (13.6 percent) were slain by family members; 1,676 (12.3 percent) were murdered by strangers; and 4,119 victims (30.2 percent) were slain by “other known” offenders.  The offenders were not known for 5,986 murder victims (43.9 percent). Bar graphs: The first bar graph provides a breakdown of the 1,855 familial relationships of victims to offenders based on supplementary homicide data from 2009:  141 husbands were killed by their wives, 609 wives were slain by their husbands, 131 mothers were murdered by their children, 116 fathers were killed by their children, 247 sons were slain by their parents, 201 daughters were murdered by their parents, 94 brothers were killed by their siblings, 35 sisters were slain by their siblings, and 281 victims were murdered by other family members (i.e., familial relationships other than those mentioned above).