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Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitive Program
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Mr. Schiff: Hi, welcome to "FBI 100, A Closer Look." I'm Neal Schiff of the Bureau's Office of Public Affairs along with FBI Historian Dr. John Fox. John, the FBI’s Top Ten list is very familiar and has been around for more than 57 years?

Dr. Fox: “Back in 1949, the United Press International wire service actually came to us and said, ‘We’d like to do something on the fugitives that you’re most looking for; the worst you can find.’ And we gave them a list of ten. It was very successful; we caught so many of them so quickly that the next year, March 1950, we actually instituted the Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitive program and since then we’ve had over 480 people on and caught 94% of them at this point."

Mr. Schiff: And the Top Ten list is really designed to generate tips and leads for law enforcement from citizens who may know something about these dangerous folks?

Dr. Fox: "It’s a great way of getting the information out. People get to see these fugitives; get to know a little bit about what they’re like and the crimes they committed. And get to know that the FBI wants their help in finding them."

Mr. Schiff: From the FBI's Public Affairs office, along with Bureau Historian Dr. John Fox, I'm Neal Schiff with "FBI 100, A Closer Look."

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