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Mr. Schiff: Former FBI Director Louis Freeh was previously an FBI Agent and actually went undercover in Operation UNIRAC...

Director Freeh: "It was actually an acronym for union racketeering and it was one of the first RICO Enterprise investigations that the FBI undertook."

Mr. Schiff: Freeh says that the La Cosa Nostra had ways of keeping freighters at the docks too long if they didn't get paid …

Director Freeh: "The people running the shipping companies in some cases subject to this extortion, at least that's how they and their lawyers would characterize it, would pay cash to union officials or sometimes directly to organized crime officials."

Mr. Schiff: A lot of evidence was collected. Freeh says the strongest were recordings obtained through undercover work…

Director Freeh: "A lot of these guys, 'wise guys' quote-unquote, as we called them, would make lots of incriminating statements."

Mr. Schiff: UNIRAC resulted in more than a hundred convictions. I'm Neal Schiff of the Bureau and that's what's happening at the "FBI, This Week."

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