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Unlawful Lawmakers -II
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Mr. Schiff: Counterterrorism remains the FBI’s Number One priority.  Public Corruption is on the list and that’s keeping the FBI’s office in Memphis, Tennessee very busy...
Mr. Marshall: "Officers have accepted bribes to try to identify informants, which is particularly dangerous.  Deputy Jailers have smuggled narcotics into correction facilities.”

Mr. Schiff: Special Agent Howard Marshall in the FBI’s Memphis office...
Mr. Marshall: "We routinely get information about kickback schemes where elected officials will push an entity, a business entity, for a contract, government contract of some sort, in return for some type of kickback.”

Mr. Schiff: Marshall says we should all be aware...

Mr. Marshall: "Any time bids are called for and the bidding process doesn’t follow normal patterns, normal guidelines, obviously that should raise people’s suspicions..”

Mr. Schiff: Know about corruption at city hall or the state house?  Call the FBI.  I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week.”

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