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Gold for SA in 52 Olympics
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Mr. Schiff: At the 1952 Summer Olympics in Finland, then FBI Special Agent Horace Ashenfelter won a gold medal in the Steeplechase.  He knew he was ready...
Mr. Ashenfelter: "You’re going to do your best.  You know who the competition is.  You know that they also know that you have beaten their records so you’re the man to beat.”

Mr. Schiff: Today Ashenfelter, a Penn State grad,  tells youngsters who may be interested in the FBI, they have be ready, too...

Mr. Ashenfelter: "A good education is necessary with at this point either law, accounting, or a technical or science degree; these are things they’re looking for; or language.”

Mr. Schiff: Ashenfelter says there’s a reason he ran for the gold...
Mr. Ashenfelter: "I would not have been successful in the Olympics without the extra good help that my wife provided.”

Mr. Schiff: Lillian and Horace Ashenfelter still support young athletes in New Jersey.  I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week.”

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