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Registe Makes Top Ten List
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Mr. Schiff: There’s a reward of up to $100,000 posted  for the newest person on the FBI’s Top Ten list...
Ms. Valdez: "Michael Jason Registe was added to the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list on July 26, 2008, for his alleged participation in a double homicide in Columbus, Georgia.”

Mr. Schiff: That’s Vanessa Valdez, an Honors Intern in the FBI’s Public Affairs office...
Ms. Valdez: "On July 20, 2007, two men were sitting inside their truck and received execution-style gunshot wounds to the back of their heads.”

Mr. Schiff: Valdez says Registe is a 25-year-old black male, 5’8”, 140 pounds and has some tattoos...

Ms. Valdez: "One of them includes the word Southside on his upper right arm; Chinese letters and the words ‘706 Ganxta’ on his upper left arm; and the Yosemite Sam cartoon character with the words ‘Stick Up Kid’ on his right forearm.”

Mr. Schiff: Registe’s picture is on the Internet at  I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week.”

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