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Mr. Schiff: It was July 26 th, 1908, and the Bureau of Investigation, later to become the FBI, was created...
Mr. Fox: "We had about two dozen matters that we investigated. From peonage that was an early civil rights crime to fraud in the government in U.S. prisons and U.S. courts to some national security concerns.”

Mr. Schiff: Dr. John Fox, the FBI’s Historian...
Mr. Fox: "We were charged with investigating treason accusations as well as the neutrality laws of the day which said that you couldn’t hatch a revolution on U.S. soil and then go and try and overthrow a foreign government.”

Mr. Schiff: Fox says that before the mid 1930s, there were some crimes that weren’t federal violations...

Mr. Fox: "Bank Robbery, Helping a Fugitive to Escape, Killing a Federal Officer, Kidnapping.”

Mr. Schiff: There’s a lot of history in the FBI’s first 100 years. Learn all about it and see the kids’ page at I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week.”

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