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Gravesite Horror
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Mr. Schiff: The FBI is helping Cook County, Illinois authorities in the case of cemetery employees displacing hundreds of gravesites. FBI Special Agent Ross Rice has been at the scene.

Mr. Rice: “ The Cook County Sheriff determined that employees of the Burr Oak Cemetery in South Suburban Alsip, Illinois had been unearthing graves, removing the remains of those that were interred there, and then re-selling the spots .”

Mr. Schiff: The sheriff’s office asked the FBI for forensic assistance. Rice says the Evidence Recovery Team, consisting of special agents from the FBI’s Chicago office, is on site along with an FBI Laboratory anthropologist.

Mr. Rice: “ It is, quite frankly, similar to an archeological dig. The remains are scattered over a large area. There was no pattern or rhyme or reason the way they were dumped, once they were disinterred. And he’s also providing assistance in identifying the remains as being human or animal .”

Mr. Schiff: Four cemetery workers face state charges. I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau, and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week .”

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