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100 for the FBI - I
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Mr. Schiff: Its an anniversary for the FBI. Deputy Assistant Director Mike Kortan says the FBI began a hundred years ago this July 26th...

Mr. Kortan: "For a hundred years the FBI has protected Americans from crime threats and other international threats such as terrorism and foreign intelligence.

Mr. Schiff: Kortan says there are offices in 60 countries...

Mr. Kortan: "In many ways the FBI reflects the world we live in today. As the world shrunk as the result of globalization, crime and other threats have emerged and the FBI has responded to that by becoming a much more international organization.

Mr. Schiff: And Kortan says on 9/11 the FBI changed...

Mr. Kortan: "It would no longer be sufficient to identify who was responsible for a terrorist act or a major crime but to actually prevent that from happening in the first place.

Mr. Schiff: Mr. Schiff: More on the FBIs first 100 years at Im Neal Schiff of the Bureau and thats whats happening at the FBI, This Week.


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