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Fugitive Caught in Cairo, Egypt
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Mr. Schiff: A man wanted on murder charges was caught far from home. Kyree Slocum was arrested in Egypt. FBI Special Agent Kevin McShane in Philadelphia says Slocum allegedly shot four people in 2008.

Mr. McShane: “ Two of the individuals he shot were killed .”

Mr. Schiff: McShane says police and agents found out that Slocum got a fake passport.

Mr. McShane: “ He took the identity of a family member and went and obtained a passport and got out of the country that way .”

Mr. Schiff: McShane says the FBI and Philadelphia police learned that Slocum may be in Egypt. The FBI’s legal attaché office in Cairo worked with Egyptian authorities and found Slocum going to a Western Union office, where he was nabbed.

Mr. McShane: “ I believe he was completely shocked knowing that Egyptian authorities had just arrested him based upon warrants out of the United States, and he got tracked down to Cairo .”

Mr. Schiff: Kyree Slocum is back in Philadelphia. I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau, and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week .”


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