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Armed Serial Bank Robber
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Mr. Schiff: He robs banks, and he’s called the Limping Bandit. Special Agent Patrick Sanford out of the Jacksonville, Florida FBI office says this guy apparently did his first bank job in 2007.

Mr. Sanford: “ He’s since robbed at least 19 banks that we know of so far .”

Mr. Schiff: Sanford says this 30 to 50 year old, near 6’ tall, red-haired robber has hit banks in North-Central Florida and Alabama.

Mr. Sanford: “ He’s also moved up to the multiple communities in the Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina area close to the Georgia state line .”

Mr. Schiff: Sanford says the limp is much more noticeable after leaving the bank with the stolen money.

Mr. Sanford: " When he starts to run his limp is exaggerated a little more. ”

Mr. Schiff: Sanford says the robber carries a handgun and usually wears jeans and a polo-type collared shirt.

Mr. Sanford: " He always wears a baseball cap and sometimes has sunglasses either on his face or on top of his hat. ”

Mr. Schiff: You can see bank surveillance photos of this armed serial bank robber at on the Internet. I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau, and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week .”


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