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Two Murdered Teens
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Mr. Schiff: The FBI and police in Pennsylvania and Ohio need your help. Two teenage girls went missing in the summer of 1994…

Mr. Carter: “Both girls were found dead in a park—Berlin Reservoir—in Portage County, Ohio.”

Mr. Schiff: FBI Special Agent Tom Carter in Pittsburgh. He says that the cases of Sarah Rae Boehm and Kathryn Menendez appear related.

Mr. Carter: “We don’t believe it’s a coincidence that two teenage girls were found in this park; the crime scenes are similar.”

Mr. Schiff: Carter says Sarah Boehm lived in Western Pennsylvania about 75 miles from Berlin Reservoir Park. Kathryn Menendez lived near the park.

Mr. Carter: "Hopefully maybe if somebody hears this that might trigger something. Maybe someone has overheard someone talking about taking a blonde-haired young female to Ohio from Pennsylvania back then. Anyone that’s talked about it, we’d be interested in talking to them.”

Mr. Schiff: Take a look at the Seeking Information flyer at I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau, and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week.”

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