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FBI in the Community - II
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Mr. Schiff: You may have heard this before, 'Law enforcement officers can't do their job without the public's help.' It's true and the FBI reaches out to citizens every day…

Ms. Gale: "It's a way of us, for us to share information; for us to learn from the community and for them to learn from us as well."

Mr. Schiff: Natosha Gale at the Philadelphia FBI Field Office. She's a Community Outreach Specialist who meets with community leaders nearly every day, including those in the Muslim communities …

Ms. Gale: "In Philadelphia we have a very solid relationship with the Muslim community and we've noticed that two-way communication between them as well as us."

Mr. Schiff: Gale says it's a matter of trust...

Ms. Gale: "We have the Step Up, Speak Up campaign going on here in Philadelphia and that can definitely filter to over to what we're doing in our outreach across the board. If you see something, we want people to say something. We want people to feel comfortable that they can pick up the phone or e-mail us and provide information to the FBI."

Mr Schiff: On the Internet at there's a lot more information about Community Outreach. I'm Neal Schiff of the Bureau and that's what's happening at the "FBI, This Week."

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