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Undercover - II
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Mr. Schiff: Undercover operations are a way for the FBI to try and catch criminals and spies…

Mr. DeSimone: "Usually it works where the undercover befriends or ingratiates himself or herself with a person or a group of people."

Mr. Schiff: Dan DeSimone, an FBI Special Agent…

Mr. DeSimone: "We establish a relationship; we get on the inside; we get to know the people we are investigating. And ultimately that relationship allows us to collect intelligence or evidence, oftentimes, evidence of a crime."

Mr. Schiff: It's not easy …

Mr. DeSimone: "Very difficult. Very stressful. And sometimes very dangerous."

Mr. Schiff: DeSimone says there's constant contact and counseling is available…

Mr. DeSimone: "We want to make sure that the undercover agent, who's portraying himself or herself as something or someone else, never loses sight of who they are and who they really work for."

Mr Schiff: Check out on the Internet for more on undercover work. I'm Neal Schiff of the Bureau and that's what's happening at the "FBI, This Week."

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