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John Doe # 17
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Mr. Schiff: Theres a worldwide manhunt by the FBI, Postal Inspectors and others for John Doe 17

Ms. McNeill: "John Doe appears to be molesting, sexually molesting a three to four-year-old girl.

Mr. Schiff: Thats Special Agent Audrey McNeill of the FBIs Innocent Images program in the Cyber Division. She coordinates the Endangered Child Alert program

Ms. McNeill: "What we do is its about basically rescuing children who are being sexually exploited.

Mr. Schiff: McNeill says you can hear John Doe 17s voice on the Internet

John Doe 17: "That way we can see how the suit needs to fit you. See, if we take-if he takes those pictures [background voice] then he can see what the suit needs to look like. [Background noise] All right, let me put it over your head and you can put your arm... Now, remember this is his... Looks like it will be nice and cool in the summertime, though.

Mr. Schiff: At go to the Seeking Information area and you can see video and hear John Doe 17. Im Neal Schiff of the Bureau and thats whats happening at the FBI, This Week.

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