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Mr. Schiff: Did you every wonder about why a person would go into a bank and commit a robbery? A bank-where cameras are rolling 24/7…

Ms. Clenney: It does seem crazy that someone would want to go in and try to hold up a place where cameras are running constantly.

Mr. Schiff: That's special agent Dawn Clenney at the FBI's Detroit office.

Ms. Clenney: In their mind it's the least of their thoughts that there could be a camera running because when they need the money they need it right then and they want it right then.

Mr. Schiff: Clenney says that the FBI works with local and state authorities throughout Michigan making the chances slim for a successful holdup.

Ms. Clenney: The arrest and conviction rate out here is around seventy percent or above and you just have to keep in mind for those people that are thinking about committing a bank robbery that someone will always recognize you.

Mr. Schiff: Police and the FBI suggest that if you're in a bank when robbers come in, do as they say. Don't be a hero. I'm Neal Schiff and that's what's happening at the "FBI. This Week."

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