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Gang Assessment - I
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Mr. Schiff: The gang problem continues to keep police and the FBI very busy…

Mr. Brunton: " An increase in gang membership from up to a million gang members .”

Mr. Schiff: That’s Michael Brunton. He’s chief of the FBI’s National Gang Intelligence Center and along with the National Drug Intelligence Center, did a gang assessment in the United States…

Mr. Brunton: " Fifty-eight percent of state and local law enforcement agencies report that criminal gangs are now active in their jurisdictions in 2008; and that’s compared with 45% in 2004 .”

Mr. Schiff: Brunton says gangs are no longer just causing havoc in big cities; they’re moving out…

Mr. Brunton: " The reason for that is increased enforcement activities in larger cities; jobs; construction and different kinds of jobs that they are involved with. And in some communities gangs commit as much as 80% of crime according to law enforcement officers we spoke with .”

Mr. Schiff: The FBI, local, state and other federal authorities are working hard to take down the gangs. I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week.”

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