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Mr. Schiff: The FBI has 56 field offices. Each has an Electronics Technician, if not more than one. Mark DeWolfe has been at the FBI office in New Haven, Connecticut, since the late 1980s…

Mr. DeWolfe: "We're responsible for physical security; all of the off-sites; all of the undercover locations; RAs (FBI Resident Agency offices); locks; alarms."

Mr. Schiff: DeWolfe says that he helped build a doctor's office for a sting…

Mr. DeWolfe: "We've added surveillance equipment to a number of high-end vehicles so that they would not be detectible by the occupants in the car; from radios to microphones and other devices in cars."

Mr. Schiff:
And DeWolfe has worked some famous cases...

Mr. DeWolfe: "The Eric Rudolph case in North Carolina; 9/11 I was tasked to New York City; certainly the Public Corruption case with Governor Roland in Connecticut and the James Galante Trash Empire case here in Connecticut."

Mr. Schiff: If you're interested in becoming an Electronics Technician with the FBI, check on the Internet. I'm Neal Schiff of the Bureau and that's what's happening at the "FBI, This Week."

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