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Watch Out for Internet Scams - I
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Mr. Schiff: Internet scams are running wild. Special Agent Charles Pavelites is the Acting Chief of the FBIs Internet Crime Complaint Center...

Mr. Pavelites: "One that just targets people in the toughest times is the Work At Home scams. People are still being contacted via e-mail to process payments or transfer funds or re-ship products for companies that dont exist.

Mr. Schiff: Pavelites says some e-mails extort money with threats

Mr. Pavelites: "Theyre also out there ratcheting up the score on something similar to the Hit Man scheme; there have been bomb threat e-mails coming out.

Mr. Schiff: The FBIs Internet Crime Complaint Center which is known as IC3 is there to help you. Pavelites says dont give in to the bad guys...

Mr. Pavelites: "When you look at something and somebody is telling you We cant do this but wed like you to do it for us its just a tip-off right there.

Mr. Schiff: Report Internet scams at Im Neal Schiff of the Bureau and thats whats happening at the FBI, This Week.

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