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$1 Million for Whitey Bulger - II
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Mr. Schiff: Murder, Racketeering, Organized Crime.  All those clouds hanging over FBI Top Ten fugitive James ‘Whitey’ Bulger.  The Department of Justice recently released some of Bulger’s telephone conversations that were recorded before he became a fugitive…

Whitey Bulger: “Hey John, come on down here.  I want to talk to you.  Yeah, all right.  Have you got the money for them checks?  Bring it back and give it back to Glen.  Yeah, no, this is Jim.  All right.  Well, well, he’ll be here waiting for you.  Well, he’ll explain it to you when you get here.  But give him the check or the money back, he’ll give you the check.  All right.  Bye.”

Mr. Schiff: A million dollar reward is for you if you have the tip leading to his arrest…
Whitey Bulger: "Check cashing.  Just a minute.  Hello.  Could I have, ah, the, ah, address of the Cohasset, ah, office, please?  Parking  Way.  Okay.  Coming from Boston, do you know anything more about it than that?  Yeah, to the, how to get there?  No?  Not at all?  All right.  Do you have a phone number for that office?”

Mr. Schiff: If you go to on the Internet you can see Whitey Bulger’s wanted flyer.  I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week.”

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