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7-Year-Old Adji Desir is Missing
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Mr. Schiff: A 7-year-old Florida boy is missing. FBI Special Agent Kevin McCormick is working with Collier County authorities looking for Adji Desir.

Mr. McCormick: “Adji was last seen wearing a blue and yellow t-shirt, blue and yellow shorts, and black and gray sneakers.”

Mr. Schiff: Adji was playing outside his Immokalee, Florida home with friends last January 10. McCormick says he’s Haitian, about three feet tall, 45 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.

Mr. McCormick: “He is mentally handicapped and functions at approximately a 2-year-old level. He is non-verbal and has a very limited vocabulary.”

Mr. Schiff: McCormick says searches have been done in the many orange groves and canals nearby.

Mr. McCormick: “The search was conducted via air, horseback, people on ATVs, people walking shoulder-to-shoulder.”

Mr. Schiff: There are rewards of more than $33,000 for help in finding Adji Desir. His Missing Person flyer is on the Internet at I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week.”

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