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New Year’s Eve in Times Square
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Mr. Schiff: Way over a million people were at Times Square in New York City New Year’s Eve. And law enforcement was there, too.

Mr. Kolko: “The New York Police Department is clearly in charge of security for the event. They know exactly how to handle a crowd of well over a million people, keep it peaceful, and keep traffic moving, and make it an enjoyable event for everybody . ”

Mr. Schiff: That’s Rich Kolko, a special agent at the FBI’s New York office.

Mr. Kolko: “Besides just the New York Police Department and FBI: DEA; DHS; ATF; of course the Port Authority Police Department has a major role; they have to secure the airports; waterways, so the Coast Guard is involved.”

Mr. Schiff: Kolko says the FBI’s Evidence Response Team, SWAT, Hazardous Materials Team, crisis negotiators were very close to Times Square.

Mr. Kolko: “They have their equipment, their trucks, their radios, firearms, everything that they would need to necessitate a response for an event.”

Mr. Schiff: More, including pictures, on the Internet at I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week.”

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