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Agent Makes Gymnastics Hall
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Mr. Schiff: An FBI Special Agent in Chicago has been honored. Karl Heger is now a proud member of the USA Gymnastic Hall of Fame for the sport of trampoline. That's after 21 years and plenty of victories in 11 World Trampoline championships…

Mr. Heger: "Two gold team medals from the 1988 World Championships and the 1999 World Championships and numerous national titles on the trampoline."

Mr. Schiff: Take note kids. He wasn't just on the trampoline. Before becoming an FBI Agent, he juggled his schedule …

Mr. Heger: "I did this all while predominantly either being involved as an officer in the United States Army to later as a police officer."

Mr. Schiff: Heger has been an Agent for 12 years and is now an instructor …

Mr. Heger: "Firearms and Defensive Tactics program and then do instructions for to local police officers and SWAT, Sniper, Chemical Agent Delivery."

Mr Schiff: You can jump into the FBI. Apply at I'm Neal Schiff of the Bureau and that's what's happening at the "FBI, This Week.

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