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Timothy J. Healy

Timothy J. Healy was appointed Acting Director of the Terrorist Screening Center in February 2009, and Director on May 5, 2009.

Mr. Healy began his career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Special Agent in 1986. After completing Quantico, his first office of assignment was Salt Lake City where he worked a variety of criminal violations to include all types of White Collar Crime and Reactive work. He was later assigned to a three-man resident agency (RA) and worked telemarketing fraud, bank fraud, bank robberies, fraud by wire, murder for hire, and murder on government reservations. In 1989, he initiated “Operation Disconnect,” which was a proactive telemarketing investigation that eventually included 15 field divisions and culminated in the successful conviction of 402 fraudulent telemarketers. In 1995, he was awarded the Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service for serving as the primary undercover agent on the Montana Freemen case.

In 1997, he was promoted to FBI Headquarters Economic Crime Unit as the Telemarketing Program Manager. In 2000, he initiated the Internet Fraud Complaint Center and was promoted as its first Unit Chief. During the 9/11 crisis, he directed his staff to develop a Web page to receive on-line tips from the Internet, which is now used to “Submit a Tip” to the FBI. The Internet Fraud Complaint Center received the Excellent.gov Award. In 2002, he transferred to the Baltimore Field Office as a Supervisory Special Agent where he supervised the Innocent Images Squad and, later, a Computer Intrusion Squad. While in Baltimore, he developed a software system to track suspicious activity. It was called the Baltimore Terrorist Tracking System (BATTS), which was later adopted by FBIHQ and is now known as GUARDIAN.

In 2003, the Director assigned him to stand up the new Terrorist Screening Center (TSC), and Mr. Healy was later promoted as the Deputy Director of the TSC responsible for Operations, Administrative and Information Technology Branches. For his efforts at the TSC, he received the Director’s Award for Outstanding Information Management. In 2006, he was designated Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Washington Field Intelligence Division and was designated as the Special Agent in Charge of the division in 2007. In 2008, he was designated Deputy Assistant Director of Law Enforcement Targeting and Response Branch within the Directorate of Intelligence.

Mr. Healy graduated from Benedictine University in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He began his career as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps, completed Naval Flight Training and was ordered to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, where he flew AV8 Harrier Jump Jets. Mr. Healy is married and has six children.

Don Torrence
Principal Deputy Director

Mr. Don Torrence comes to the Terrorist Screening Center from the Office of Intelligence & Analysis in the Department of Homeland Security. He has worked with DHS since 2004 and most recently served as the Deputy Chief of Staff within the Office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A). While working with DHS, he was detailed to the Office of the Director for National Intelligence (ODNI) and served as the Deputy Director/Domestic for the National Intelligence Coordination Center (NIC-C). Prior to his detail to the ODNI, he served three years as a Division Director for one of the Analytical Divisions of I&A. His past government civilian positions include Intelligence Research Analyst in the Space Directorate at the Defense Technology Security Agency, Program Manager in the U.S. Army TROJAN telecommunications program and the Deputy of the Field Support Division, Land Information Warfare Division.

Mr. Torrence served 24 years in the military, retiring as a Sergeant Major and completing his service as the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the U.S. Army Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence. His Army experience focused on Special Operations intelligence and operations supporting counter-narcotics missions and contingency operations in Colombia, Panama, Honduras and areas of the Caribbean.

Mr. Torrence is a graduate of the University of Maryland (B.S. in Technology Management), from Webster University (M.A. in Security Management), and from The George Washington University (Professional degree in Engineering Management). He and his wife Kathy live in Lorton, Virginia.