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This reportedly is a videotape of Adnan G. El Shukrijumah giving a presentation regarding how to jump start a car for a class on "English as a Second Language". He is in a classroom, standing in front of a blackboard which shows drawings of two car batteries. He has a real set of jumper cables in the classroom for display.

The following is his presentation:
"My name's Adnan. Uh...I'm wanting to show story in the beginning and then I'm going to start my...uh...introduction. Uh...One day you're driving your car and a man standing in the road and he has his hood open and you're driving and he has two things in his hand that looks like snake, like two snakes so you appear, approach very slowly then you come to him and stop your car. You shut your car off and then you come up/come down, open your hood and play with some wires and then he's/the man is happy and he leaves. You go back to your car again and drive. You are happy that you help this man. You send your hands towards your radio, your brand new 97 Honda Accord, trying to listen to your music, but suddenly nothing appears on the screen of the radio, the only thing/the only thing you see is the word code. You are trying and you're so upset, maybe you want to cry because your brand new radio is not working anymore.

Don't be upset, everything could be fixed, I'm going to teach you what's the reason of that today. What do you think happened on that day? What did he do wrong? Does anybody know? Okay, it's the way you jump started the man car and the two snakes were nothing but the two cables that he had requesting you jumping his car.

First, is it wrong to jump a person car because I always had the impression that it is very bad for your car and the answer is no, it's the way you jump start a car. First thing, I'm going to show, when we are jump starting a car we have two things: We have the good battery in your car, which is smiling here; and the dead battery in the dead car, which is angry here. Then we have two cables which is like this one two red sides and one/and the other side two black sides.

There are some way/wrong things you could do in jumping a cable, but I'm going to start with showing you the right way of jump starting a car. First thing, you keep your car running which is this when you have battery you keep your car running and don't uh shut it off. Then you come to cable and you plug the positive part first to the positive part in your battery. How do you know? How can you identify the positive part?

There are two ways: First thing you'll see the positive part on it sometimes it is too small an easier way of identifying that/that usually the cable that comes from the car to the/the battery has a cover on it so the plug has a cover on/covering everything for protecting it from oxidation. After you've done that you take the next piece of the positive part---be careful---the other red piece also to the dead battery---so you have the red one here and the red one here. Then you do the same thing with the negative part which is one here and the neg/the black which is the black usually to the dead your battery then to the dead battery and then you go ahead and start the car that has the dead battery and you are ready.

Some wrong things that you could do while jump jumping a car is shutting your car off then plugging in the wire even though it is the right way. Then you start your car. That sends a strong shock to the next car and causing some problems which I'm going to tell you right about now and which some of us think is not that important.

The first thing that you could do wrong is plugging across the wires by mistake which means you take the red side and put it on the positive and then you take the same red end and put it on the negative. What is going to happen then I'm going to tell you in a little while. The results of wrong jumping can be as follows: if you do as I said, crisscross the wires you can blow the fuse inside of the engine, inside of the car, under the hood. This is the hood, the fuse there is the main fuse inside of the engine that is going to blow and if this fuse does blow all your appliances, all your parts inside the car will blow so that fuse/that fuse will blow. A second thing could happen that you could burn the PC, the computer in your car. All of new cars now have computers to run the fuel injection system in the car, and if that burns one computer average between 800 hundred dollars and 1200 hundred dollars just by doing these simple procedures which everybody thinks that they are professionals in. The second thing that could happen is what happened to you when you jump started the man, the word code comes on the radio, which is a security code comes to your/to the car because a shock comes to your car and that what happens.

Afterwards I'm going to teach you how to take care of all of these problems. The fuse inside/most of the fuse inside of it becomes like a small box and it has 100 on it, that's the way you know that this is the man/the main fuse in the car. Usually it's like a bridge, a white bridge that pops up. You open and find 100 fuse and then you push it down with/with a screwdriver, and then you can start the car. But if, the computer blows, which is the next problem of wrong jumping, the only thing you can do is go and buy a brand new computer and put it and don't try getting it from the junkyard even though if it's hundred and fifty dollars because it will never work and I have a lot of experience with that/with this. The second thing, the code in the radio you need to get the open the radio and get the serial number and call the dealership and they will give you the code.

In conclusion, let's review all what I said, that jumping is not bad, it's good, as long as you do it the right way. Then I told you the right way of attaching the cables and do/and jump starting a car. I gave you the result of wrong jump/jumping and then we took the way of correcting the mistakes that happen through wrong jumping.

So whenever you see a man don't be scared, or a woman, waiting for you to help them, stop and help them, but help them the right way. Maybe one day you will be the one holding the two snakes."


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