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Mr. Schiff: Hi, welcome to "FBI 100, A Closer Look." I'm Neal Schiff of the Bureau's Office of Public Affairs along with FBI Historian Dr. John Fox. Television and the FBI. In September of 1965 ABC TV aired a new series John?

Dr. Fox: "Yes Neal, The FBI starring Efram Zimbalist Jr began a very long run of shows. It was done in full cooperation with the FBI and it let many people to think about careers in the Bureau."

Mr. Schiff: Of course there have been a lot of TV shows about the FBI?

Dr. Fox: "Sure. Anything from the 1930s with radio and movies, to 40s and 50s as the Bureau became even more famous . And of course more recently The X-Files had quite a long run and today there’s at least a dozen shows on TV that deal with the Bureau."

Mr. Schiff: And the FBI, John, has a unit that consults with the TV and film industries?

Dr. Fox: "Yes. The cooperation that we get from the public, because of the exposure the media has given us over the years, led us to create special parts of the Bureau that deal with it. Today, it’s our Investigative Publicity and Public Affairs Unit. And they not only handle liaison with Hollywood and other types of media, but also are the ones who promote our Top Ten Most Wanted. A very successful program for bringing in some of the worst criminals that we deal with."

Mr. Schiff: From the FBI's Public Affairs office, along with Bureau Historian Dr. John Fox, I'm Neal Schiff with "FBI 100, A Closer Look."

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