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Hostage Rescue Team
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Mr. Schiff: Hi, welcome to "FBI 100, A Closer Look." I'm Neal Schiff of the Bureau's Office of Public Affairs along with FBI Historian Dr. John Fox. John, the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team is an elite group of Special Agents. Special trained and ready to rush to an incident anywhere in the world, if needed?

Dr. Fox: "Yes Neal. The Hostage Rescue Team was created back in 1983 in order to be ready for responding to possible terrorists or other hostage situations that required that special training that would give us a force that could get involved in highly dangerous situations where we didn't want a military service to go in."

Mr. Schiff: So John, what are some of the incidents that are well known to our listeners that the Hostage Rescue Team at the FBI has gone to and into operations?

Dr. Fox: "The Hostage Rescue Team has responded to the Talladega Prison Riots; they responded to the hostage situation at Waco; they have been basically at the ready for every major special event that the Bureau helps with security at whether it is a Super Bowl or an Olympics game or something else. They've gone to Iraq and they have served U.S. forces over there as well."

Mr. Schiff: HRT folks come highly qualified and their training is quite rigorous, isn't it?

Dr. Fox: "The agents who are selected for our Hostage Rescue Team receive extensive tactical training in a wide variety of situations where they might be called up to react in highly specialized training facilities that we have down at Quantico as well as the best that our other military and other police forces might teach us as well."

Mr. Schiff: I understand our Hostage Rescue Team also works out with the Navy Seals?

Dr. Fox: "Yes Neal. Not only to learn some of things that the Seals can teach us but also to ensure that should the need arise we can operate together."

Mr. Schiff: From the FBI's Public Affairs office, along with Bureau Historian Dr. John Fox, I'm Neal Schiff with "FBI 100, A Closer Look."

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