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For Immediate Release
July 11, 2008

Washington D.C.
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FBI’s Top Ten News Stories for the Week Ending July 11, 2008

1. Jackson: Mayor and Bodyguards Indicted

Mayor Frank E. Melton and his two bodyguards, Jackson police officers, Michael Recio and Marcus Wright, were indicted on civil rights charges in connection with a conspiracy to tear down a private home. Full Story

2. San Juan: Six Police Officers Indicted on Civil Rights Violation

Six San Juan Municipal Police Department officers were indicted for violating the civil rights of Jose Antonio Rivera Robles by assaulting him which resulted in his death. Full Story

3. New York: Contractor Charged in Fuel Scheme

Harith “Harry” Al-Jabawi, a U.S. government contractor stationed in Iraq, was arrested for participating in a scheme to steal fuel from Camp Liberty. Full Story

4. Denver: Indictment for Interfering with Flight Crew

Christina Elizabeth Szele, a passenger on JetBlue Airways, was indicted on charges of assault and interference with flight attendants. Full Story

5. Los Angeles: Man Arrested for Pointing Lasers at Aircraft

Dana Christian Welch faces charges of willfully interfering in the operation of commercial aircraft and attempting to interfere in the operation of a police helicopter. Full Story

6. Miami: French National Pleads Guilty to International Stolen Art Conspiracy

Bernard Jean Ternus pled guilty to conspiring to transport in interstate and foreign commerce four stolen paintings and to visa fraud. Full Story

7. Anchorage: State Senator Indicted on Public Corruption Charges

A federal investigation into public corruption in the State of Alaska led to the indictment of John Cowdery on bribery and conspiracy charges. Full Story

8. St. Louis: Indictment for Impersonating Federal Law Enforcement Officers

Bill Anthony Jakob was indicted on charges of impersonating federal law enforcement officers and participating in multiple arrests and residential searches. Full Story

9. Baltimore: Indonesian National Sentenced

Erick Wotulo was sentenced for his role in a conspiracy to provide material support to the Tamil Tigers, designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Full Story

10. San Antonio: USDA Employee Pleads Guilty

Jose Homero Reyes pled guilty to conspiracy to permit infested agricultural products to enter the U.S. Full Story

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