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For Immediate Release
March 21, 2008

Washington D.C.
FBI National Press Office
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1. Boston: Mafia Lieutenant Convicted

Robert C. Luisi, a Capo Regime in the Philadelphia Family of La Cosa Nostra, was convicted on drug charges. Full Story

2. Chicago: GM Executive Indicted in $80 Million Fraud and Kickback Scheme

Former General Motor's executive, Daniel J. Bealko, was charged in a kickback and fraud scheme that diverted $80 million from GM and on income tax evasion for concealing $5.4 million in kickbacks from the IRS. Full Story

3. Kansas City: Owners of Asian Massage Parlors Indicted on Human Trafficking Charges

A group of Chinese nationals were indicted on charges of transporting persons across state lines and national borders for the purpose of prostitution. They were also charged with fraudulently wiring the proceeds to China. Full Story

4. Richmond: Indictment in $132 Million Trust Fund Scheme

Edward H. Okun, owner of The 1031 Tax Group, LLP (1031TG), was indicted for his scheme to defraud and obtain millions of dollars in client funds held by 1031TG. Full Story

5. Chicago: CVS Caremark Agrees to Pay $36.7 Million in Medicaid Fraud Case

CVS Caremark Corp. agreed to pay $36.7 million to settle claims of improperly switching patients to a more expensive version of the drug, Ranitidine (generic Zantac), to increase Medicaid reimbursements. Full Story

6. Atlanta: State Representative Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering

State Representative Walter Ronnie Sailor, Jr. pled guilty to laundering proceeds from drug trafficking. Full Story

7. Louisville: Magistrate Sentenced for Buying Votes

Former Magistrate in District 6 of Clay County Freddy Clinton Johnson was sentenced on charges of conspiring to buy votes. Full Story

8. Chicago: Indictments in International Art Fraud Scheme

An international investigation resulted in the indictment of seven individuals on charges of producing and selling counterfeit works of art. Full Story

9. Washington Field Office: Volvo Agrees to Pay $7 Million Penalty to Iraqi Government

AB Volvo has agreed to pay the Iraqi government a $7 million penalty for illegal kickbacks paid to the former Iraqi government under the U.N. Oil for Food Program. Full Story

10. Los Angeles: Former NFL Player Arrested

Reek Kyle Diehl, former player with the Tennessee Titans, was arrested on wire fraud charges in connection with an offer to secure a line of credit. Full Story

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