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For Immediate Release
January 2, 2009

Washington D.C.
FBI National Press Office
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FBI’s Top Ten News Stories for the Week Ending January 2, 2009

1. Baltimore: Canadian Charged With Acting as Iraqi Agent

Mouyad Mahmoud Darwish, a Canadian citizen born in Iraq, was charged with conspiring to act as an agent of Iraq under Saddam Hussein’s regime. Full Story

2. New York: Guilty Plea in Providing Material Support to Hizballah

Saleh Elahwal pled guilty to providing material support to Hizballah, a designated foreign terrorist organization. Full Story

3. New York: U.S. Army Arsenal Employee Pleads Guilty

Ben-Ami Kadish pled guilty to conspiracy to act as an unregistered agent of Israel. Full Story

4. New Orleans: Cardiologist Convicted

Dr. Mehmood M. Patel was convicted on 51 counts of healthcare fraud which included double billing Medicare and private insurance companies. Full Story

5. San Diego: Ten Major Drug Defendants Extradited From Mexico

The Mexican government extradited ten individuals associated with some of the most notorious Mexican drug trafficking cartels to the United States to face criminal proceedings. Full Story

6. Baltimore: Bank Robbery Conspirator Pleads Guilty

Quinita Jessie Ennis pled guilty to conspiracy to commit armed bank robbery during which the bank manager and her children were kidnapped. Full Story

7. New Haven: Bookkeeper Sentenced for Identity Theft

Linda Lee David was sentenced for committing aggravated identity theft while on federal supervised release following a 2005 conviction for wire fraud. Full Story

8. Little Rock: Couple Pleads Guilty

Deborah J. Ball and Elmer Andy Masoner pled guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in a scheme to defraud an elderly woman. Full Story

9. Chicago: Pay Stub Leads to Bank Robber

Thomas Infante was arrested for robbing the Fifth Third Bank after leaving behind his demand note which was written on the back of his pay stub. Full Story

10. New Orleans: Woman Pleads Guilty to Bomb Hoax

Nishia Wilson pled guilty to calling in a false bomb threat to a Louisiana off-shore oil platform. Full Story


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