Press Release

For Immediate Release
June 19, 2007

Washington D.C.
FBI National Press Office
(202) 324-3691

FBI Announces Deployment of Sentinel Phase 1

The FBI today announces the Bureau-wide deployment of the first phase of Sentinel, the FBI’s next-generation information management system.

Phase 1 provides a user-friendly, web-based interface to access information currently in the FBI’s Automated Case Support (ACS) system. Information is pushed to users and is available through hyperlinks. Phase 1 features a Personal Workbox, which summarizes a user’s cases and leads, putting more information at their fingertips and moving employees from dependence on paper-based files. It also provides user-friendly search capabilities, an improvement over the cumbersome mainframe system. Phase 1 also provides a Squad Workbox which allows supervisors to better manage their resources and assign leads with the click of a mouse.

Phase 1 is the result of collaboration between Lockheed Martin, the prime contractor, and the FBI’s Sentinel Program Management Office. The deployment of Phase 1 followed a methodical schedule of design, development, testing, training, and a limited pilot to ensure the system could perform as required.

“With the completion of Phase 1, FBI employees will see a marked improvement in their ability to access, retrieve, and move information,” said Joseph L. Ford, FBI Associate Deputy Director. “We are currently working with Lockheed Martin to plan the development and deployment of the next set of Sentinel capabilities.”

Linda Gooden, Executive Vice President of Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Services, said, “We are proud to support the FBI in the first phase delivery of this highly capable system. Sentinel will go a long way in helping the Bureau accomplish their mission.”

In preparation for the initial deployment, a select group of FBI employees received advanced detailed training on the system, and serve as points of contact providing user support in their respective offices. All Bureau employees were afforded the opportunity to participate in a series of training programs that included seminars, technology-based training, and instructor-led training courses facilitated by experienced FBI instructors. As a part of this training, a full range of users had an opportunity to provide feedback on the training and make recommendations for future enhancements to the Sentinel application. Training is ongoing and additional training will be provided as more features become available.

The Sentinel system, when completed, will help the FBI manage information beyond the case focus of the existing ACS, and ultimately will provide enhanced information sharing, search, and analysis capabilities. Sentinel will also facilitate information sharing with members of the law enforcement and intelligence communities.

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