Press Release

For Immediate Release
July 7, 2006

Washington D.C.
FBI National Press Office
(202) 324-3691


Lebanese-US Government Cooperate and Disrupt Plan to NY-NJ Transportation System

Washington, D.C. - “Working closely with the Intelligence/Information Directorate within the Internal Security Forces of Lebanon and with other foreign law enforcement and intelligence partners, we have disrupted a terrorist network that was in the planning stages of an attack against the transportation system in the New York-New Jersey area. A significant development in this investigation was the arrest of a key suspect by Lebanese authorities. This investigation is ongoing. We know al-Qa’ida continues to have an interest in attacking the United States. At this point in time, there is no specific or credible information that al-Qa’ida is planning an attack on US soil. The FBI, through the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force, will continue to investigate suspected activities here and abroad with our partners from the US and international law enforcement and intelligence commu nity. At the same time, the Department of Homeland Security will continue to share information with state and local partners to ensure that they have the appropriate awareness to make decisions about how to best protect their communities.”



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