Press Release

For Immediate Release
January 20, 2005

Washington D.C.
FBI National Press Office
(202) 324-3691

Washington , D.C. - The FBI today is alerting the public to new persons of interest in the unspecified potential threat to the City of Boston , beyond the names and photographs of four Chinese nationals released in a January 19, 2005 , press release in Boston .

The names of these new persons, identified through our ongoing investigation, are:

1) Yu Xian Weng , female, possible date of birth (DOB) 4/5/64 and Chinese passport #P5997636 or DOB 10/4/63 and Chinese passport #G07457027

2) Qinquan Lin , or Qiquan Lin, male, possible DOB 3/6/83 and Chinese passport #G04152197

3) Liqiang Liang, male, possible DOB 9/1/76 and Chinese passport #G07074257

4) Min Xiu Xie, male, possible DOB 11/21/77 and Chinese passport #G08386268

5) Xiang Wei Liu, or Xing Wei Liu, male, possible DOB 5/30/82 and Chinese passport #G053490L8

6) Mei Xia Dong, male, possible DOB 10/25/83

7) Xiuming Chen, male

8) Cheng Yin Liu, male

9) Zao Yun Wang, male

10) Jose Ernesto Beltran Quinones, male

Photographs of these individuals are not available. None of the names has been validated as a "person of interest" on any previously existing "watch list".

We ask that members of the public, if they have any information about these individuals, bring it to the attention of the FBI at (617) 742-5533; to their closest FBI office (contact information for field offices is located at ); or to the FBI tipline at

Again we want to stress to everyone that at this time, that the threat information is uncorroborated and of unknown reliability and that all law enforcement agencies are working together to address the issue.



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