Press Release

For Immediate Release
June 1, 2004

Washington D.C.
FBI National Press Office
(202) 324-3691


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Director Robert S. Mueller, III, announced today that Wilson Lowery, currently serving as the FBI's Executive Assistant Director (EAD) for Administration will leave his position in the FBI in July to pursue personal interests. Mr. Lowery had intended to leave the FBI at the end of 2003, however he was asked to stay on while his replacement was sought. His last day with the FBI will be July 9th, 2004.

Director Mueller very early in his tenure recognized the need to bring in experts to assist in directing FBI reengineering projects. Mr. Lowery's extensive corporate background brought a specific business proficiency to our administrative process, which has permitted the FBI to better adjust to our ever-changing roles. After coming out of retirement to join the FBI team, Mr. Lowery's intent was to make a difference for his country. His contributions to the FBI's Administrative Department here at Headquarters, throughout field offices, and abroad will continue to guide the direction of future FBI transformations.

Mr. Lowery's accomplishments are varied and wide-reaching. In FY 2004, the FBI will hire more people than we have hired in any one year during our history, more than 3,000, because of our streamlined hiring process, recruiting efforts and long term strategy to meet the Bureau's needs, each of which Mr. Lowery had a hand in designing. In addition to guiding our recruiting, Mr. Lowery also: assisted in the information technology infrastructure upgrades by incorporating expert opinions from the National Academy of Science and creating the FBI Science Advisory Board; created the first Human Capital Strategic Plan; introduced new contract management disciplines; revamped manager training to include techniques from the Kellogg School of Management; has been instrumental in seeking out and bringing to the FBI skilled outside experts.

Director Mueller stated: "We at the FBI know the substantial contribution Wilson Lowery has made to this organization. He has brought a lifetime of experience in the business world and a knowledge of re-engineering to improve the Bureau's ability to perform its mission. He has greatly enhanced our working relationships with Congress, the Administration and DOJ." The Director noted that "Wilson Lowery will be missed. His lasting contributions to the country and to the FBI are appreciated."