Press Release

For Immediate Release
June 25, 2002

Washington D.C.
FBI National Press Office
(202) 324-3691

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, today announced the appointment of the following individuals to key posts.

John A. Klochan, Jr., Special Agent in Charge, Counterintelligence, New York Field Division:  Mr. Klochan entered on duty with the Bureau in 1971 and has served in the Chicago, Detroit, and New York Field Divisions.  While at FBI Headquarters, Mr. Klochan served as a Supervisory Special Agent in the National Security Division before being transferred to New York where he also worked as a supervisor working foreign counterintelligence matters.  Most recently, Mr. Klochan has served as Assistant Special Agent in Charge, National Security Division, Branch A, Foreign Counterintelligence-Russia.

Kenneth T. McCabe, Special Agent in Charge, Pittsburgh Field Division:  Mr. McCabe entered on duty with the Bureau in 1984 and has served in the Cincinnati, Miami, and San Juan Divisions.  While at FBI Headquarters, Mr. McCabe helped start the Russian Organized Crime Unit and served as acting Unit Chief.  He also served in the Inspection Division at FBI Headquarters for fifteen months as a Team leader.  Most recently, Mr. McCabe has served as Chief, Operational Response Section, Laboratory Division where he is responsible for the Hazardous Material Response Unit, Evidence Response Team, Crisis Response Unit, and the Bomb Data Center.  

Michael A. Donner, Detail to Central Intelligence Agency, Counterintelligence Center:  Mr. Donner entered on duty with the Bureau in 1975 and has served in the Cincinnati and Washington, D.C. Field Divisions.  While serving in the Washington, D.C. Field Office, Mr. Donner was assigned to work on the Aldrich Ames espionage investigation.  In 1995, he was promoted to Stationary supervisor for a squad that handles espionage investigations such as the Earl Pitts, and other sensitive investigations.  Most recently, Mr. Donner has served as a Unit Chief in the Counterintelligence Division.


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