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08/26/10 ViCAP: Fighting Violent Crime for 25 Years
03/11/10 DELIVERING THE FUTURE: The Biometric Center of Excellence
01/08/10 THE PORTABLE FBI: Our Newest Social Media Initiatives


12/04/09 FBI, THIS WEEK AT 1,000: On Your Radio (and iPod, Too)
07/31/09 CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY: New Ways to Analyze Digital Intel
05/15/09 THE FBI ON FACEBOOK: And YouTube. And Twitter. And More.
03/27/09 LEAVING A MARK: From Fingerprints to a New Era of Biometrics (Video)
01/26/09 BEYOND FINGERPRINTS: Our New Identification System


12/05/08 INSIDE THE FBI: Our New Weekly Podcast
11/21/08 QUICK CAPTURE: Fingerprint Technology on the Go
11/07/08 BEHIND THE SCENES: FBI Experts Deliver Technical Tools
09/24/08 MOVING TECHNOLOGY FORWARD: Outgoing CIO Discusses Capabilities
09/22/08 WHEN CRISIS STRIKES: New FBI Technology is Ready to Help
09/19/08 CONNECTING THE DOTS: Using New FBI Technology
08/04/08 ViCAP GOES ONLINE: And Closer to Investigators Who Need It
05/27/08 FBI ROLLS OUT PODCASTS: Three Radio Shows Available
04/21/08 N-DEx: Welcome to the Future
01/23/08 A WEAPON AGAINST CRIME: Tracking the Sound of Gunfire


09/19/07 MOST WANTED LINKS: Add Our Content to Your Site
07/05/07 A SOLID FOUNDATION: CIO Discusses Sentinel Launch

NCIC TURNS 40: FBI Technology Saving Lives



KEEPING SECRETS: New Initiative Offers Tips for Businesses


12/27/05 USING TECHNOLOGY TO CATCH CRIMINALS: Fingerprint Database "Hits" Felons at the Border
10/12/05 MEET DIRECTOR MUELLER'S ADVISORY BOARD: Shaping the FBI of Today and Tomorrow
09/06/05 LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLINE: Information Sharing, Web Style
08/18/05 FINDING THE MISSING LINKS: Technology Helps FBI Unravel Criminal and Terrorist Networks
06/17/05 SEARCHING FBI RECORDS FOR CLUES: Past and Present
05/06/05 FBI IT INFRASTRUCTURE FOR 21ST CENTURY CRIME, part 2: CIO Zal Azmi Looks Back and Ahead after One Year on the Job


04/02/04 IT INFRASTRUCTURE FOR 21ST CENTURY CRIME: CIO Zal Azmi Talks About the FBI's Technology Make Over
03/29/04 THE DOCUMENT CONVERSION LAB: Digitizing FBI Major Case Files.by the Warehouse Full
02/03/04 SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE, PART 2: FBI DNA Database Passes an Important Milestone
02/02/04 SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE, PART 1: DNA Database Helps Deliver Promise of Powerful Crime-Fighting Tool


11/03/03 STAYING AHEAD OF 21ST CENTURY CRIME: Director Mueller Welcomes Blue-Chip Science & Technology Advisors