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Headline Archives

A New Set of Insights


We do it every year: gather and publish just about every scrap of information we can about law enforcement officers “feloniously” killed—in other words, through the commission of a crime—as well as those who were assaulted and who died accidentally in the line of duty.

Few details are left out. Through a variety of charts, graphs, and tables, we report the time of day and days of the week of the incidents; the circumstances at the scenes; the types of weapons used; the age, race, and gender of the victim officers; and more.

And that’s precisely the point. To us, these details are all telling clues—clues that can be used by the law enforcement community and other interested citizens to help prevent such murders and attacks from happening the next year and the next by improving safety strategies and training.

This year’s report—Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, 2007—is now available on our website, and we hope that you’ll study it closely. As you’ll see, a total of 57 local, state, and federal law enforcement professionals were killed in the line of duty last year. Another 59,201 officers were assaulted, and 83 died accidentally. 

The officers slain during 2007 ran the gamut. They came from more than two dozen states. They held various positions—such as detective, sheriff’s deputy, highway patrol officer, state trooper, even game warden. They were veterans and rookies alike. The incidents that took their lives began much like situations handled by law enforcement everywhere—traffic stops, domestic disturbances, search or arrest warrants, suspicious activity, etc. And while most officers were on duty when the incidents occurred, some took action while they were off duty because they took their solemn oath to protect and serve so seriously.

Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted

The story beneath the story, of course, is the bravery and sacrifices of those who serve our nation every day:

… The 36-year-old Alabama police officer who died at the scene of a traffic accident after being shot in the head by a driver under the influence.
… The 48-year-old Idaho patrol officer who joined his partner in responding to a shooting at the county courthouse, only to be killed when the suspect struck him down from 50 feet away. 
… The 27-year-old off-duty sheriff’s deputy in Hawaii who was mortally wounded while trying to subdue a man attempting to rob a restaurant. 
… The 29-year-old SWAT team member in California who was murdered while helping to serve search warrants at an apartment complex.

These brave souls will never be forgotten—not only by their families and friends, but by their partners in the FBI. Their stories are recounted here to help save the lives of their comrades in the future.

Our next detailed crime accounting—this time focused solely on hate crimes—is due out October 27. Look for it here.

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- UCR Crime Statistics
- Criminal Justice Information Services website

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