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Shaping the FBI of Today and Tomorrow


Photo of Director Mueller with his Advisory BoardTwo years ago we advised you of the inaugural meeting of the Director's Science and Technology Advisory Board. Today, on the occasion of its 10th meeting at FBIHQ, we’re pleased to announce an expanded mission and an expanded membership of this independent and productive board.

The expanded mission? Beyond science and technology issues, the Board will focus on overall management and transformation efforts—always on the strategic level and to suggest and assess organizational strategies.

The expanded membership? Four extraordinary statesmen have been added to the blue chip board of seven that is chaired by Arthur Money:

  • Lee H. Hamilton.
  • Charles "Chuck" Robb.
  • Richard "Dick" Thornburgh.
  • James Q. Wilson

In Director Mueller's words, "I am gratified that these four distinguished individuals have agreed to serve on the Advisory Board. Each brings a wealth of experience and knowledge and a proven track record of accomplishment in government service and the private sector. I look forward to working with them and getting their insights on a wide range of issues. We will be discussing where the FBI should be going in the short and long term, how to adapt to a changing mission, and the FBI’s role in a shrinking world. They will be a tremendous asset to the Bureau.”

What has been accomplished to date? We're the first to admit: the Board has been both candid and critical. Time and again it has endorsed the FBI's direction of change and transformation, but noted in specific ways that we have a long way to go before the Director's changes are fundamentally institutionalized. From workforce issues to project management to systems engineering capacities, the Board commissions briefings, analyzes the data, mulls the shortfalls, and comes up with hard-edged suggestions and solutions at each quarterly meeting.

Meet Director Mueller's Advisory Board:

Chairman, Arthur L. Money

Floyd I. Clarke

Craig Fields

Lee H. Hamilton

John J. Hamre

Darwin A. John

James Kallstrom

Paul G. Kaminski

Joseph Markowitz

Charles S. Robb

Dick Thornburg

James Q. Wilson