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Director Mueller Addresses the Anti-Defamation League


Photograph of Director Muller"Let me tell you a story," Director Mueller began. "It is a true story about what did not happen this September 11th. On that day, a group of men were to enter a military recruiting center on a busy street in Santa Monica (California) and kill everyone inside. Their plan was to go underground for a month, and then on Yom Kippur return and open fire on the families gathered outside a temple in West Los Angeles."

To find out HOW that didn't happen, we encourage you to read the address in its entirety. We think you'll also be interested to learn about current FBI strategies and operations to prevent terrorist attacks...and to learn the answers to the following questions:

1. What is the FBI's assessment of the Al-Qaeda threat?

2. What other terrorist groups most concern us?

3. How many counterterrorism leads have been covered by the FBI over the past 6 months?

4. How many criminal incidents were reported in 2004 that involved antagonism over race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability?

Director Mueller also gives a pretty strong assessment his own organization: "The FBI has a long tradition of hard work, honor and dedication to protecting the American public. We are a relatively small organization, but a determined one. We are committed to fighting the terrorists and criminals who target our country, and we do not give up. The FBI has proven this time and again. When a case is all but forgotten, we continue to investigate until those responsible are brought to justice. These are the values that should remain constant as we grow into a national security agency ready to meet evolving threats. The war on terrorism is not over."

Photo by David Karp.

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