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Semiannual Update on the FBI Intelligence Program


FBI Intelligence logoThe report itself is classified "For Official Use Only," understandably, but we thought you'd be interested in highlights from it, both from a content and accountability standpoint. Please note: It is the first of many reports that will be written for the President since our 2/16/05 "Comprehensive Plan for the FBI Intelligence Program with Performance Measures" was accepted.

As an overview—and in Director Mueller's words—“the activities outlined in our plan are not the end goal of our Intelligence Program; the program's success will be judged based on outcomes for the nation. However, without the time, resources and effort put into creating intelligence capabilities, these outcomes would not be possible. Intelligence professionals had to be hired, trained and retained. They also needed access to information, a secure work area, and policy to guide their operations. We have made these investments to ensure we can put the right information in the hands of decision makers, whether they are patrolling our nation's streets, fighting on the battlefield, or working in the policy community.”

In the details, progress to date over the first 130 days:

  • Created the Directorate of Intelligence (DI) to manage all intelligence production activities and intelligence resources and to ensure national intelligence is collected, analyzed, and shared throughout the national security community.
  • Restructured the budget process and proposed reprogramming to fully align DI authorities and resources as directed by the Director of National Intelligence.
  • Integrated our Language Services component into the DI.
  • Created Field Intelligence Groups in all field offices.
  • Created the building blocks of our Intelligence Career Service, hiring, training, and developing a cadre of dedicated agents, analysts, surveillance specialists, and linguists.
  • Developed enterprise information technology architecture, compliant with federal laws and standards, to support intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination, and trained over 1,800 users on the applications.
  • Produced 219 intelligence assessments; hired 567 intelligence professionals; trained 584 analysts in basic intelligence.

A couple upcoming milestones of interest:

  • Publish an FY 2006 Future Threat Forecast.
  • Integrate intelligence and investigative operations into a single National Security Service, as directed by the President.

Again, in Director Mueller's words, "We are encouraged with the progress we made in expanding our intelligence capabilities, but there is much work to do and our plan remains ambitious."

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