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China's Ministry of Public Security Gives Helping Hand in Murder Case:
A Matter of Justice


Graphic for U.S. & China fugitive-suspect captureIn 1994, New York resident Nguyen Hao Duc allegedly planned in cold blood, then carried out the murder of two innocent young men as part of a narcotics conspiracy. He then fled, settling eventually in the Pearl Delta area of Guangdong Province and supported by associates in the United States who sent him monthly living expenses. When the investigation by the FBI New York Office led to China, the FBI Legal Attaché officer in Beijing contacted China's Ministry of Public Security.

Based on information provided by the FBI to the Chinese officials, Nguyen was located in Guangdong Province. In short order, officers of Guangdong's Public Security Bureau arrested him in the town of Jiangmen, predicated on a Foreign Police Cooperation request made by the FBI Legal Attaché stationed in Beijing. Then, on July 20, 2003, officers of the Ministry of Public Security transferred custody of Nguyen to two FBI Agents and a New York Police Detective, and Nguyen returned this month to the United States to face trial.

Assistant Director Grant Ashley, FBI Criminal Investigative Division, said about this collaboration in the cause of justice: "I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the assistance of the Ministry of Public Security which led to the arrest of this murder suspect. Officers of your Interpol National Central Bureau and International Liaison Division took prompt action, and I am deeply impressed by their efficiency in effecting such a quick arrest."

The FBI's Legal Attaché Office in Beijing was formally opened on September 23, 2002. The repatriation of Nguyen represents the first time in history that Chinese authorities have directly transferred custody of a fugitive-suspect to U.S. law enforcement to face trial in the United States.