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Bringing Corporate Criminals to Justice:
A Matter of Best Practices


Graphic of President Bush at the Corporate Fraud Task Force On 7/22, President Bush threw a one-year birthday party for his Corporate Fraud Task Force, outlining its success in combating corporate fraud and punishing wrongdoers. Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson, Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, SEC Chairman William Donaldson, Commodities Futures Trading Commissioner James Newsome, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman Pat Wood, Chief Postal Inspector Lee Heath, IRS Commissioner Mark Everson, and FBI Director Mueller celebrated the day by evaluating their joint efforts over the past year and setting future goals. As Director Mueller has said, "we have a clear strategy for stepping up efforts in our white collar crime program to conduct criminal investigations into corporate fraud and to be proactive where we can."

In sum: Thanks to aggressive, but fair investigations and prosecutions that have stopped wrongdoers...and thanks to corporate leaders who have stepped up to the plate to set ethical standards for the business community...significant progress has been made in cleaning up the marketplace and restoring investor confidence.

The FBI's role in corporate fraud? It has investigated over a hundred cases with its partners in the Labor Department, IRS, SEC, Postal Inspection Service, and the Defense Criminal Investigative Service. It sends "flying squads" of corporate fraud specialists to wherever their expertise is needed. And it stands ready to answer your call on the Corporate Fraud Hotline: just call 1-888-622-0117.