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FBI/Newport News PD Partnership Nets Narcotics Arrests


On 7/10/03, Newport News Police Chief Dennis Mook and FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Norfolk, Virginia, Field Office Mike Varnum announced the arrest warrants of 12 subjects on violations of federal narcotics laws in the Newport News area, following a year-long investigation. The subjects allegedly trafficked in cocaine and crack cocaine and used criminal violence to further their illegal business. Expecting the arrests to significantly clean up a dangerous part of the city, Chief Mook described the arrests as "the result of a tenacious investigation by the Newport News Police Department and the FBI." SAC Varnum praised "the Newport News Police Department's dedication and its highly skilled officers and investigators who have contributed to this effort." He added that the investigation was a good example of "the FBI's continuing commitment to address serious criminal activity within local communities through a focused and tailored use of FBI resources."